Tuesday, July 10, 2012


was a busy day!
First Allie and I got ready for her little bow making party (for baby girl Riley coming in September)
and Eric and Jesse played in the 
Father-Son golf tournament out at The Fort!
In the afternoon we went to Blake and Cherie's for some swimming and food!

Cousins are so much fun!!

If only Lauren was here!! (And Dalton too)
Notice our little 

Baby boy just couldn't quite make it for the 
                                              FIREWORKS . . .
He was so tuckered out that the noise and light did not even rouse him!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


 Well, there has been quite a lapse in my blogging, but I'm back at it with the latest project.  Making JAM!!
My friend Margie (who also happens to be my daughters mother in law) has a couple of plum trees and they were ripe for picking!
Joni, my neighbor, Margie and I had such a fun morning making 

First we ha to chop them all up!
They were such a beautiful color!!

Then it was time to cook them down a bit.
 Then we added sugar and pectin and cooked it until it was nice and thick!

Meanwhile the canner was starting to 
with nice hot water!
The lids were ready!!
 The mason jars were so beautiful!!
Yea for Kerr!!
We kept filling,
and filling,
and filling.
Plum Jam!! 
Oh, and one more thing,

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Allie and Jesse took some time this weekend in Carmel.  I stole these off of her blog because they were so cute!!  Such fun looking at the seals and listening to them make noise!
Don't you just wonder what he is thinking as he looks out over the ocean??
 Love the little smile on his face . . . I can just hear him saying "Wats dat?"
 Such a sweet little face with those big eyes!
 So glad the kids get a chance to pull away and enjoy the coast!!  

Monday, April 9, 2012


A couple of years ago we started going to Allie and Jesse's house for Easter . . . its usually so nice in Fresno this time of year and we like to do pizza's in the pizza oven!!

Time for the ladies to start chopping and preparing pizza dough! 

Becca, me, Allie, Margie and Aris all dolled up in our aprons!

Jesse making sure the oven is nice and hot for cooking the pizza's!

Great Grandma and Grandpa eating pizza and checking Jed's monitor . . . he was napping and great grandparents want to see their baby boy!!

Oh how we missed Lauren - so I included a picture of her from just before Christmas last year.


Jed decided to be happy once he realized he was not going to win the battle of the hat . . . it stayed on!!

I just know I can get BOTH of these if I try hard enough!

Ohhhh . . . wats dat??

Ummm . . . this water is better than any egg I found!!

I love my papa!

Gama and papa with little man!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Water, Water Everywhere!

It will come as NO surprise to learn that 
Little Man Jed 
(Seems like every other  blog post is about Jed outside playing in the water!)

We are so happy to have some nice weather to play outside in.
Since grandma loves to water her garden . . . its a perfect fit!!
His mommy (Our daughter Allie) was hanging out and snapped these pics!

Since Jed is growing so fast, he needs to be watered too!

Such fun!!

We could do this all day long!

 More please!


I hope he will enjoy watching these tomatoes and the other veggies grow!
(And maybe he will not be too picky this summer to eat some too!)

So much fun!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Family Christmas Picture . . . Better late than never!

I never did get around to blogging anything about Christmas this past year . . . but I did want to share the FAMILY PICTURE!
We had such a great time, but sure missed Bruce and Melissa who had to stay back in Hawaii for work.
Although they were missed, you have to admit that Hawaii is not a bad place to be for Christmas!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

In the Yard With Mr. Jed . . .

Last week we had some nice WARM weather!!  Hooray!!!  
And someone was delighted to be outside!!  
I think Jed would live outside with a bucket of water and a hose if he could.  
That boy just loves his water!! 
 I could not resist snapping a few pictures that captured his PURE JOY!

He just had to check out the dog water in every way possible
including stepping . . . .

 And seeing what it felt like to drink . . . . Grandma snapped a quick picture 
and then had to gently "redirect" 
I just could not have that little boy drinking 
out of the dog dish no matter how clean the water was!

 Luckily the hose was a good distraction!
Such fun . . . I can't wait for summer!

Jed also "helped" grandma plant a little in the garden . . . 
don't you jut love this little face . . .
what are you doing mema?